About Emiliano Fusaglia


Solution Architect at Oracle.

I am an IT specialist and I have been managing Oracle Databases since 2000. After some years dedicated to programming I have been specializing as an Oracle DBA covering all the aspects: data modeling, installation, migration, procedures for backup/recovery, PL/SQL, tuning and support to developers.

I’m skilled in the design and implementation of High Availability architectures with RAC, ASM, Data Guard on commodity hardware and Oracle Engineered Systems, mainly Exadata Machine.

I have been working on engineering and on operation with complex environments, running business critical databases. After a few years working for third party companies I was a contractor for five years in IBM; then I moved to Zurich Switzerland where I worked almost four years at Credit Suisse AG and ten years at Trivadis AG.

Today I’m still based in Switzerland and I’m an Oracle employee.


Database Cloud computing (DBaaS) – Oracle Exadata Machine – Linux – Virtualization – Oracle RAC – Grid Infrastructure – ASM – Data Guard – Tuning

Professional Certifications 

Cloud_Certified O_Database12c_Admin_Professional_clr oce-exadata-x3-x4-admin-clr OCP_ODb11gAdmin_clr OCP_ODb10gAdmin_clrOCP_clrO_PrtnrNtwrkCertSpclst_clro_certspec_oraclerac12c_clro_certspec_exadatadbmchnmdlsx32_x38_clr